Keep your
brand fresh

Look your best with an updated profile image. Share and promote your music with fans.

Rauw Alejandro

Look your best with an updated profile image. Share and promote your music with fans.

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New look? Use this.
Use the editing tools found under Profile & Tools to customize your photo and upgrade your look.
Fresh imagery is an important part of any release plan
Keep fans up-to-date with your latest profile image. And don’t forget to set your background image—that’s the backdrop to your artist detail page.
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URL copied! Artist bios
Available as a limited release
Artist bios give your fans a chance to get to know you--and your music—better. You can find these professionally written bios on your artist page.
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Share your music with fans
In the Amazon Music streaming app, from any piece of content on your artist profile, simply open the three dot menu and select the share icon.
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Your fans love your lyrics--help them sing along with the right words.

View song lyrics
Amazon Music offers song lyrics line-by-line while your music plays. Fans can even jump to a specific part in the song just by tapping on a lyric. We also tie lyric data to our voice platform, so fans using Alexa device can search by lyrics just by asking “play the song that goes…”.
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Dive deeper with X-Ray
X-Ray surfaces facts and insights about your music as it’s playing. Your fans can tap the X-Ray button on the screen while listening to music to access the feature. Here are a few of the things X-Ray might highlight:
  • Credits: a list of individuals who contributed to the song’s production
  • Related: playlists curated by Amazon Music that feature the song
  • Buzz: fun facts and trivia about the song, album, or artist
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