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A lot of work goes into creating your music. Here’s how to help make sure it gets heard.

Lil Yachty

A lot of work goes into creating your music. Here’s how to help make sure it gets heard.

URL copied! Pitch new music
New release dropping soon?
Pitch a track for global programming consideration and unlock features to help you reach a wider audience on Amazon Music.
Pitch it.
Reach existing fans and followers with in-app activity posts, mobile push notifications, and Alexa alerts and prompts.

Reach a bigger, broader audience through genre-based browsing, Alexa hints, and curated playlists.
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URL copied! Create an intro
Shout out.
When you’ve got new music, let your fans know by creating a quick Intro.
New Release Intro
Fans can experience your 15-second Intro on your artist profile and via Alexa. (See the full fan details to learn where your Intro will be available.)
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URL copied! Pre-save
Pre-save. (For the real ones.)
A pre-save allows you to engage with fans even before your new release—which can help you build momentum for upcoming releases and boost first day streams.
Why it’s awesome
Fans who pre-save your new release will automatically become followers on Amazon Music. On your release date, they’ll get notifications to listen to the new music, which will automatically be saved in their Amazon Music library.
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URL copied! Get followers
We heart follows
Keep fans in the know on new music with an artist follow campaign

Easy as 1,2,3. Your fans can ask Alexa to follow you on Amazon Music, or simply tap the ‘Follow’ button on your artist page. As you release new music, we automatically notify your followers to give them a heads up that a new song or album is available. These alerts come either as a visual notification on their Echo, or in the case of mobile, as a push notification sent to their device.
URL copied! Update your image
Refresh your look
Update your artist profile with imagery that reflects your current aesthetic in the Amazon Music for Artists app. Make sure to update your profile and background images at least two days ahead of street date.
URL copied! Hype your music
AM4A THUMBNAILS_Hype Deck_02.jpg
Promote your moments with Hype Deck
Create custom, shareable Hype Cards to promote your music to your fans.

Meet the Hype Deck—an easy way to promote big moments for your music. Create custom Hype Cards to share with your fans on socials, through email, or any other marketing channels. Hype up a new release, the anniversary of an old fave, or landing a playlist to your fans.