Labels and distributors

Manage your team. Get the most out of our app.


Manage your team. Get the most out of our app.

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Label and distributor teams are created to allow immediate access to your full catalog, even as new content is delivered through DDEX feed.

Artist Team
Individual artist profiles should only be claimed by the artist themselves or their current manager. This is done through the Amazon Music for Artists app, under “Claim an artist” and requires verification.
Label Team
Label teams are created by mapping metadata from your distributor(s). Contact your distributor to request a team be created on your behalf.
Distributor Team
Most distributors already have a team created. Ask your Amazon Music Rep if you need help accessing your team or contact us through the Support tool.
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Manage your team
Add or remove team member access directly from within the Amazon Music for Artists app. You’ll find “Manage Team” under any artist avatar you’re currently viewing.
Need to take the data with you?
Use the web version of Amazon Music for Artists ( to download a .CSV of the data in your reports. Customize the date range in your view and then click the download icon next to the report you want to download.
Get help when you need it
You’ll find two tools under User Settings inside your Amazon Music for Artists account: 1) Report Issue and 2) Support. You’ll use the Report Issue tool when profile corrections are needed. You’ll use Support for all other requests including requesting a newl label team be created.
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