3, 2, 1... LIVE

From livestreaming on Twitch to
Amazon Music Live

Ed Sheeran

From livestreaming on Twitch to
Amazon Music Live

Amazon Music Live

Amazon Music Live
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Livestream on Twitch and reach more fans in the Amazon Music app
Turning casual listeners into superfans with livestreaming

Twitch puts music fans right into the room with the artists who make the music they love. Music on Twitch is real, raw, and interactive.
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Don’t have Twitch?
Learn to livestream like pro.
Connect your Twitch channel
Artists or their managers can do this through ‘Profile & Tools’ in Amazon Music for Artists.
Simulcast on Amazon Music
Livestreams appear on your artist page in the Amazon Music mobile app.

Amazon Music alerts your followers with a push notification anytime you go live from Twitch.
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Learn. Create. Thrive.
Check out these livestreaming tips and resources and stream like a pro.
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Giving fans that front-row feeling
Amazon Music Live brings immersive livestream experiences to our fans globally with real-time broadcasts of incredible performances available on Prime Video and the Amazon Music channel on Twitch.

What’s on? There’s the not-to-be-missed weekly concert series featuring some of the biggest artists in the world, hosted by 2 Chainz and streaming live after Thursday Night Football. Amazon Music Live has also covered top multi-day festivals, including Stagecoach, Outside Lands, and Rolling Loud—with many more to come. Don’t miss a moment with Amazon Music Live.