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New release on the horizon? Pitch a track to unlock a variety of benefits.


New release on the horizon? Pitch a track to unlock a variety of benefits.

URL copied! Pitch it good.
Give new music a boost
Submit a track and you’ll unlock a variety of benefits designed to get your music out to even more listeners. We accept pitches for global curation and programming consideration.
What’s eligible?
  • New (never released before) music
  • One track per release (single, EP, or album)
  • Delivered to Amazon Music with streaming rights
  • Up to 14 days after street date
URL copied! Perfect pitch

Crafting a great pitch doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are our go-to tips.

Start with the basics
Give us details about the track, the artist, and your marketing plans—from social media to PR.
Describe your audience
Huge hometown following? Big in Japan? Tell us where your fans are, and how you’ll reach them.
Call out collaborators
Does this track feature any special guests? Go ahead and name drop.
Plug your placements
Landed a sync license, or have a music video in the works? We want to know more.
URL copied! It’s all in the details
Our programming team is all about accuracy (whether that is the genre or the similar artist or the pitch details). This helps them connect the right music with the right listeners—the ones that have the best chance of loving your music.

One of our global multi-genre curator’s puts it this way: “Genre is important, but so is context and mood. A pop song can get placed in a pop playlist, but a dark pop song about heartbreak, or an upbeat country song about partying in the summer provides so much more context, especially when an artist is up-and-coming, and folks may not be familiar with their musical identity.”
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