Start selling on Amazon. Fast.

No upfront costs. No inventory risks. Eligible for Prime shipping.


No upfront costs. No inventory risks. Eligible for Prime shipping.

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Merch on Demand is merch, simplified
Learn how to use Amazon’s print-on-demand service to create and sell your merch—the easy way.
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URL copied! Getting started
The first step? Apply for a Merch on Demand account.

Visit to get started. You’ll first be asked to log in using an existing Amazon account. Pro tip: Owners of Artist Teams can get expedited access by using their Amazon Music for Artists login credentials when creating a Merch on Demand account.

In your application, among other details, you’ll be asked to provide the following:
  1. Bank Account: this is where royalties from your merch sales will be paid so consider which account makes the most sense for you or your team.
  2. Tax ID: who will be reporting this revenue - an individual or a business/company?
  3. Organization Name: if the account is for an individual artist, then the artist name goes here. If the account is for a business/company, then put that name here.
  4. Description: a sentence or two about the artist will do just fine here. If the account is for a larger team, such as an artist management company that wishes to manage multiple artists under a single Merch on Demand account, give a sentence about the company and then provide a list of actively/current managed artists.
Expedited access is usually within 8 days. The Merch on Demand team has final approval of accounts.
URL copied! The second step? Create your first design!

Merch on Demand has more resources, such as design templates, available in their Creator Dashboard.

Select your base products
Upload your designs
Sell in up to 7 storefronts
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Reach your fans, everywhere they are
  • Create a Brand Store on Amazon for a unique fan shopping destination
  • Add your merch to your Amazon Music artist page to create a one-stop fan shop alongside your digital catalog
  • Connect Amazon Music to your Bandsintown page to add merch and music alongside your tour dates
  • Share your merch on socials using Amazon Music for Artists templates
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