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Explore programming opportunities for artists.

Elle King

Explore programming opportunities for artists.

URL copied! Millions of stations
Amazon Music’s stations are personalized for listeners, offering endless streams of music.
Our stations play a mix of the top songs for a given genre, mood, or theme. We also offer artist-based stations that include the artist’s catalog plus songs from similar artists. Our team of curators program priority tracks into stations at either heavy, medium, or light rotation.
Heavy Rotation
These are tracks which are played the most within a station and include the biggest hits of the day or the hottest new songs.
Medium Rotation
We typically program tracks that are on the way up the charts or just on their descent.
Light Rotation
Included at this level are familiar past hits, some surprises, and songs that our curators are testing to see if they might become the next hits with listeners.
URL copied! Fans dive deeper with DJ Mode
Because we all want to know more about the music we love.
That’s why there’s DJ Mode
We combined all the best parts about streaming audio with the personality of FM radio. DJ Mode allows listeners to access on-demand, personalized versions of three of Amazon Music’s most popular existing playlists — Rap Rotation, Country Heat, and All Hits. These new DJ Mode stations feature DJ hosts with recorded audio commentary from artists speaking about their own music and the music that influenced them. Song selection and sequencing are personalized for every user based on their listening habits, offering fresh content on each listen.

DJ Mode is currently available in the US on iOS, Android, and Fire TV, as well as through Alexa and Echo devices.
URL copied! Music for every mood and moment
Our programmers also curate thousands of playlists across different genres, eras, contexts, and locales.
Curated playlists
These playlists offer a fixed number of songs and are updated frequently to ensure they stay current; our most important playlists are refreshed every week. We use a combination of curatorial expertise and data to make decisions about what we include in playlists. Successful tracks graduate to more prominent and popular playlists. Many playlists showcase what we call a “faceout,” or a photo of a lead artist featured on the cover art of the playlist.

Today we offer dozens of marquee playlists - available worldwide wherever fans listen to Amazon Music - featuring the best new music, biggest hits, and most promising emerging artists from specific genres, moods, or activities.

Want an opportunity to be featured on an Amazon Music playlist? Pitch your new release and let us know!