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Announce your new music, in your own voice.


Announce your new music, in your own voice.

URL copied! New music deserves its moment
Say hello.
Introduce your new release to listeners on Amazon Music.
In your own words.
Promote your new track with a 15-second audio clip.
Build buzz.
Intros are a way to tee-up your new release for fans.
URL copied! What makes a good Intro?
A ton of work goes into every new release
An Intro is a great opportunity to make some noise in honor of that. Our best advice? Be yourself! The best intros are a brief promotional liners that shows fans just how excited you are about this release finally becoming available.
Artist example–DJ Khaled
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DJ Khaled
New Release Intro
URL copied! Create an Intro
Get started by heading to New Releases under Profile & Tools in the app
  1. Find the new release you want to promote, and select Add Intro.
  2. Record or upload your 15-second audio clip.
  3. Personalize it with an image or a caption if you’d like.
  4. Then review and publish!
URL copied! Build buzz when you make it personal
Intros are a fast and easy way to connect with fans through Amazon Music and Alexa
Any artist can create an Intro (you just need to be an Owner or Admin of an artist’s team in order to publish content)
Fans will discover your Intro on your profile page in the Amazon Music app and via Alexa*
URL copied! Where are Intros available?

*A fan’s music plan and country will determine if they can access an Intro. Check out the table below to see availability for your fans.


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Web App

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Voice (Alexa)

United StatesUSYesYesYesYes
New ZealandNZ
*Rest Of WorldROW
United KingdomGB

*Rest-of-World (ROW) is a set of 33 additional territories where Amazon Music is live as an English-language service experience.

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